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Balkan America

It's my first post of 2020 ... I am so NOT a blogger. Although I long to be, and man, do I have opinions to share with the word via a social media platform!

Anyway, it's 2020 and America is in full-on meltdown over CORONAVIRUS and masks, and the elections, etc., etc. We're the wealthiest, most powerful nation on the planet, and yet we're also one of the most backwards, uncivilized places on the planet. It's a bizarre juxtaposition. Guns, god, and money are the American idols. Believe it. Science takes a back seat to our feelings and higher-minded notions of "freedom" and "equality".

Vague conspiracy theories are interesting, and always swirling around. Many of those that are skeptical of what's going on with the official government narrative don't have a coherent alternative to put forth in its place. Which is weird. Incomplete conspiracies garner more conspiracies. But I hear you, Idaho: it's tyranny all the way down!

I'm wearing a mask. Everyday. I keep one in the car. But know that my mask is not some surgical thing, or some respiratory outfit approved by OSHA. Nope, I wear a shemagh (or keffiyeh) like I was in the Middle East. I look like a black mage from Final Fantasy. I love it, and while you're at it, stay 6 feet away from me, too.


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