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How To Be A Player

I admit, this wasn't a film that I was really keen on watching. It's not really up my proverbial alley, but give then it's a film I wouldn't typically watch, and it's something of a historical film given the time frame, I buckled down and started in.

For starters, this movie exists in a time before the #metoo and #timesup era. The entire movie is based on the premise that men deserve sex, that infidelity is OK, and "boys will be boys." It's a little hard to watch in 2020, especially if you care about women. But, it is instructive for the era. 2 points for inclusion, as one of the women being played is described as Caucasian.

Bill Bellamy is the star, and he is the titular "Player" in this film, Dray. This means that he fucks a lot of women, basically, at more or less the same time without their knowledge. That's his whole goal: have sex with a lot of women. Admittedly, this is not an uncommon male fantasy or preoccupation. In the film he is portrayed as having "rounds" wherein he travels the city of LA and has regular sex with a cadre of women.

In a modern sense, he's in a poly thing, without the consent of his partners. It's very dishonest, but our hero seems to revel in the role. His buddies along for the ride in the film are pretty underdeveloped as people, and it's hard to understand why a smooth guy like Dray hangs with them. Really, despite being portrayed as a smooth guy who has it going on, the character of Dray doesn't seem that cool to me. I will say that Gilbert Gottfried playing the building concierge is a nice treat, as Gilbert has some good lines in the role.

The film basically sets up that Dray is a serial cheater, and his sister sets him up to be confronted by all the women he's slept with in the hopes that this will inspire him to change his ways. As if that's a thing? A Player intervention? The premise is pretty ridiculous, and there's a portion of the party where the setup is supposed to take place where Dray and his buddies have some sort of Player powwow with an older Player. It's weird.

In the end, Dray's girlfriend finds out about his infidelity because a woman that he is going to cheat with blows the cover. Just as it seems Dray has pulled off a slick switcheroo with the new girl it turns out she left a note for the girlfriend to find. Girl Power!

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