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Reset Your Smart TV

I bought a Hisense Smart TV a few months back, because hey, apps are cool (and the price was right)! Problem was, almost as soon as I got the durned thing the apps were out of date and Hisense didn't seem to be prioritizing the fix any time soon. So, sadly my smart TV sat there with a dumb YouTube app on it.

Flash forward and I'm feeling a bit plucky and still dissatisfied with the dead app. I was using a work around with a browser and a HTPC, but it wasn't the most elegant solution. I looked on the Internet and someone suggested doing a factory refresh on the TV to get the app started again. I figured "what the hell?" and did it. Surprise, no surprise, it worked! Now I have a working app again!

All very frustrating, but good to know. As technology continues to advance smart apps, and smart devices, will be the future as long as development can keep pace. This example shows very clearly how one dead app can really wreck the functionality of a device. I mean, the TV was still functional, but one of the primary apps was useless. Thankfully, this worked and I hope I won't have to use it again any time soon!

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