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Sarah Palin and John McCain

John McCain died this past weekend, and so it was quickly on to see who was going to be attending his funeral. Washington and the media are like that: it's good gossip fodder, and its a very human side to the politics of the country. Petty stuff. Personal stuff.

I, for one, was really curious about what would happen with Sarah Palin. I suspected she would be persona non grata at the event, and it turns out, I was right. She was an odd pick for him, a desperate pick, and it was not a bright spot for him. I can see why he would want to distance himself and his legacy from her. What I mean to say is, John McCain by all rights and means of the old order of business, should have been the President of the United States. White male of privilege who's a war hero from a decorated line of soldiers? It's the formula for success up until, well, 2008 when he lost.

Sarah Palin was a populist pick at a moment when the Republican party was losing touch with a changing America. That same changing America, I would argue, brought the Republicans back to power and put another seeming lock of a candidate - Hillary Clinton - on the sidelines to make way for Donald Trump. Trump and Obama have that in common: they beat out the politically established picks.

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