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Social Media, Lil Tay, and All That

In 2018 it's impossible not to know anything about social media, and how prevalent it is. Unless you live in a cave with no internet, electricity, etc. Even then, I think some kid with an iPhone would eventually find you, Instagram Live it and take you global regardless.

This morning in VICE (I gotta post on VICE later ... that's some thoughts ...) there's an article on Lil Tay and her rise to social media "fame." The whole thing, Lil Tay's whole "career" is just so absurd to me. All social media celebs are. I get it: it's modern day tabloid. Be famous for being famous. Brand marketing. Charisma and media. Kinda makes me sick, though.

Because the reality appears that Tay's mom, a realtor in Canada, has been the force behind at least some of this. That makes sense, because if I was a parent with no moral scruples and I saw a bunch of people making bank off of their children I'd do it, too. But we as a culture should recognize what's happening: a parent is pimping their kid on social media. Whether or not Tay is complicit is beyond the point. The mother, a manager, whomever, are working in concert to push this kid out there to say and do ridiculous things. That's the joke, people.

In this particular instance Tay is just copying the efforts of more successful social media giants like Takeshi69 and Bhad Bhaby (or whoever they are), but she could just as well be doing anything else inappropriate for her age and it would apply. Trade the "flexxing" posture for "coal miner" and I wonder if people would think it was as cool?

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