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Stephen King Movies Are Great

I'm watching Needful Things on Netflix right now, and it made me think of how many of these films there are, and how they are a special part of American cinema history. Mr. King has a real knack for terror, and the translation of his work from the page to the screen is done at sometimes better than others. Here's a list that I found which sums it up pretty well. FWIW, Needful Things got ranked at #35, out of 48 films. That's pretty bad, but I like schlock movies, and I think that a lot of Stephen king movies kind of fall into that category. I mean, there are 48 of them, which is more than the Bond franchise. Some are going to be turds, that's just numbers and time and cinematic averages.

Ed Harris is always fun to watch, and this is him at his height. Throw in Max Von Sydow, and now it's a party. Fun fact, the dog (which gets skinned pretty graphically) has an acting credit on IMDB. LOL.

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