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Sylvester Stallone Monday Double Feature

What do you say about an actor like Sylvester Stallone? He really is an icon, a figure that has been active both in front of and behind the camera for decades. Impressive staying power, and an ability to retain relevance in a shifting Hollywood market. Gotta love the grit.

Demolition Man was an interesting film, that was really a highlight of its time. It's a movie about time capsule-d people, that serves as a time capsule in its own right. The Taco Bell licensing is blatant, and there's a lot of in-joke references to the 90s. It's kind of clever, and it holds up OK.

The main talent does its thing, but Wesley Snipes seems kind of out classed by Stallone, honestly. Love the comic performance by Rob Schneider, I had forgotten about his role. Also love Denis Leary as the fast talking cynical leader of an underground population that's living off of rat burgers. There's also that one guy from Beetlejuice (Glen Shadix - RIP), and he basically plays the same character: a petty sycophant to powerful people. It's kind of a weird acting niche.

CLIFFHANGER seems a move that is an affront to actual rock climbers. Hollywood has been known to take real liberty with things like rock climbing, snowboarding, whatever, but this movie asks us to believe some pretty off-the-wall ideas about how mountain rescue works. But hey, John Lithgow and Rex Linn show up, and I'm good with that. The opening scene is great. Michael Rooker's performance shows why he's still around in 2020.

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