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Updated: Feb 2, 2021

As a young man, I recall hearing about famous young actors that met untimely ends. One such lad was the star of an otherwise unremarkable film: Lady Bugs, Jonathan Brandis. I had never seen this film despite being a fan of Rodney Dangerfield, who stars as the coach of a youth soccer league. Mr. Brandis' character must dress as a woman to make the girls team thrive. It's a youth sports Tootsie.

American Graffiti is another film I recently re-watched, and upon re-watching it struck me differently. I had always thought of this film as the proto-Grease, or the film that inspired Grease. To that end, I always approached it as a light, fun film about high school. Kind og like Can't Hardly Wait or American Pie. The problem is, American Graffiti isn't a light heated romp. You spend over an hour getting to know these kids, their dreams and ambitions, and then at the end in a title card you learn that two of them die within a few years of the film's ending, and the other two live. It's a dark point, and given the year of the film's setting (1963) it's especially chilling. Vietnam was around the corner, this was the end of an era. I watched More American Graffiti (the sequel) in the hopes that it would cleanse the palate a bit, but no. It's still sad.

8 Heads in a Duffel bag is a forgettable Joe Pesci comedy that highlights how different air travel is post 9/11.

Super Bad is a very funny movie.

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