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Voting in 2020

It's a campaign year, which means that we in America have been bombarded with messages that we should vote for one side or the other.

On the Republican incumbent side you have Donald Trump, who told everyone that he was an outsider that would "drain the swamp" and bring an unconventional flair to the office of the President. He played a rich man's populism, which works in America, evidently. We're a nation of embarrassed would-be millionaires. How's that American Dream working out?

Trump came into office and was almost immediately set upon by critics, and he fired back with a barrage of lies, distortions, and conspiracy theories. It's all pretty standard political fare, but he did it via Twitter and with his own particular lack of savoir faire. He rode the economy for as long as he could, then he was presented with the Coronavirus/COVID-19/Chinavirus, whatever you want to label it. He downplayed it, he delegated the management to the states, and then he criticised them upon their state's performance. It was the first sign that Trump's strategy is divide and conquer.

George Floyd was murdered soon thereafter, and now we hav a nation engulfed in unrest. Protests and riots broke out across the country, in response to police violence, racism, and economic stagnation (caused at least in part by COVID-19 responses). Trump ratcheted up the law-and-order rhetoric, and has positioned himself as literally the only thing that will prevent some sort of American apocalypse at the hands of Biden and Harris.

Those two - Biden and Harris - bring their own bag of woe to this party. Biden's an easily dismissable career politician, and Harris seems cut from the same cloth, except she's a woman of color. On that note, she makes for good optics, even if her political history is a little checkered. People grow and change, but are these two just politically expedient suits?

Rest assured, reader: I don't like your candidate, no matter which one you've selected. I'm told to "read the Constitution" and "do my research" in order to even understand some of the Trump positions (note: if you can't sum your position up for me, that tells me you don't know how to articulate it, and probably don't understand it yourself). On the Democrat side at least they seem to be a little upbeat about America while simultaneously loathing parts of their own party. So that's the election 2020 in a nutshell: rally around Trump, or vote for two people that represent the new old way of doing business.

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